Wednesday, March 17, 2010

ZBS and the adventures of Jack Flanders!

The Fourth Tower of Inverness is a wonderful adventure story starring Jack Flanders and was aired originally as a multi-episodic radio show in the 1970's. The story is filled with colorful characters such as Lady Jowls, Dr. Mazoolah, Chief Wampum, Old Far Seeing Art, and Little Freida who likes to smoke Cuban cigars. Jack travels to other lands found within the fourth tower and meets up with mythological characters and creatures found in Hindu tales and a Wurlitzer of Wisdom that plays selections from Ram Dass and the Venerable Van Vleet. The background music for FTH is chock full of rock n' roll ditties from the 1950's to big band swing music. I first heard the story in 1978 and loved it! Many years later I found the story on audio tape and listen to it still. So far I have obtained a few other Jack Flanders adventures on compact disc from ZBS foundation where it all began. ZBS has created oodles of stories starring Jack Flanders since the release of FTI in 1972. The latest adventure-and I think the last ever we'll hear starring Jack- is 2008. Take a look at the ZBS website for they have a wide range of audio stories to choose from. Three cheers to Meatball Fulton and ZBS! If you are a fan of audio stories and love imaginative, original stories that feed your mind, you will not be disappointed.

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